Discord roles you can earn for in-game or crew achievements

GTA Online

Roles associated with milestones earned in GTA Online

Warren BuffettEarn 1 billion dollars overall in online
I'm a business, manOwn every business in-game
Ronnie BiggsComplete the criminal mastermind challenge
Jay LenoOwn every I/E vehicle collection at once
Fedex VIPOwn every special crate item at once
Beached WhaleGet a tugboat on top of Mount Chiliad
Golden BulletEarn all gold trophies in bunker gun range
Top GunEarn all gold in flight school
Wolf of LS1000 crate missions to earn trophy in CEO office
Chop ShopOwn all modified bennys vehicles
Road WarriorOwn all arena apocalypse vehicles
Wheels of TerrorOwn all arena nightmare vehicles
Back to the FutureOwn all arena future shock vehicles
Bruce WayneOwn all special I/E vehicles, Ruiner2k, Phantom Wedge, etc
Santa's ElfAchieve MC contribution 9,999
Joe GirardSell 1,000 cars with Import/Export business
Level 100 🥇Reach 100 in-game rank
Level 300 🥉Reach 300 in-game rank
Level 500 🎖Reach 500 in-game rank
Level 1000 🏆Reach 1000 in-game rank
Mad ScientistUnlock all bunker research

Red Dead Online

Roles associated with milestones earned in Red Dead Online

MagpieHave 10 of every collectible in your inventory at once
Big Spender500 gold and 100k cash at once
Rank 100Reach 100 in-game rank
Rank 200Reach 200 in-game rank
Rank 300Reach 300 in-game rank
Rank 400Reach 400 in-game rank
Jack of All TradesLevel 20 all roles
Animal FriendOwn all level 20 role horses
SharpshooterGold award for all combat and sharpshooter awards
King of the WestEvery single in game gold award
Ability MasterAll ability cards maxed out
Naturalist Expert100% completed naturalist compendium
Beans1000 camp stews made
Bob YoungerComplete all online story missions/moonshine missions/stranger missions
Gun NutOwning all catalogue weapons
Bare KnucklesWin a Fight Club event
Bill MinerWin a Wagon Racing event
DjangoWin a Quick Draw event

GPAD GTA Event Winners

Roles associated with winners for GTA in-game Crew Events

Prettiest PistonsWin a car meet or top gear
Fast & FuriousWin a crew race event
Poppin' MuscleWin a muscle car wheelie contest
Ninja WarriorWin a triathlon
Golden GlovesWin a fight club event
👑 Golden Gloves 👑Win a Golden Glove vs Golden Glove only fight club
Fashion PoliceWin a fashion show event
Where's Waldo?Achieve the longest time hidden in the current season of Photo Hunt
Sherlock HolmesWhoever finds the most hidden players in the current season of Photo Hunt
Speed RacerWin a time trial event

GPAD Red Dead Event Winners

Roles associated with winners for RDO in-game Crew Events

DjangoWin a quickest draw event
Bare KnucklesWin a fight club event
Bill MinerWin a wagon racing event
Davy CrockettWin a weekly challenge

Photo/Video Contest Winner

Exclusive roles given to people who win our weekly themed contests on Discord

Moby DickCasino heist theme
Cloud 9Aviation theme
Sucker PunchFist fight theme
Dr. DolittleIRL pets or Peyote Plants theme
AquaManUnderwater theme
Kodak MomentBest photo from any video game
Gobble GobbleThanksgiving theme
New MeNew Years theme
UnderstudyMovie/tv show theme
BaywatchBeach theme
🍑Valentine’s day theme
Meme Lord/LadyMeme theme
Krusty the 🤡April fools day theme
Collecting DustGarage theme
Felix JumperAirplane skydiving theme
🍀 Leprechaun 🍀St. Patrick’s Day theme
Covid Task ForceSocial distancing theme
Cat & MouseTom and Jerry theme
9-1-1Essential workers theme
‘Merica4th of July theme
Atomic BlastAtomizer theme
Prettiest PistonsFavorite car theme

Rockstar Editor Contest Video Winner

Competitions using rockstar editing, where crew members can showcase their content creation skills

Tokyo Drifter🏎Showcase your favorite car
Director's Cut🎬Winners for all future competitions