Red Dead Redemption

We are now roaming the beautiful lands of Red Dead Online. We have made a couple of additions to our server so we can help cowpokes with their adventures

Some of the Crew hanging out in Red Dead Online

In our Discord Server we use the great RDO Compendium bot created by Bob Ross, that allows you to locate different types of collectibles, missions, herbs, animals, shops and treasures.

There's also activity roles for when you’re looking for help, some cool Events and Achievements

GPAD Red Dead Event Winners

Roles associated with winners for RDO in-game Crew Events

DjangoWin a quickest draw event
Bare KnucklesWin a fight club event
Bill MinerWin a wagon racing event
Davy CrockettWin a weekly challenge

Money Making Guides

On top of that we are currently working on guides, curated by our most experienced players.

Sneak peek of our Cowboy Guide

Hang with our RDO posse

Join our Discord Server to access all of our guides, collect some achievement roles, and some lovely stew