About the Crew

GPAD started out as a GTA Online crew but has now become something much bigger. Our Red Dead expansion has taken off and as other games became popular, we've given our community options for those games as well.

GPAD is a gaming community, but we also care about much more than that. You can enjoy discussing food, people can talk about health & fitness, share amazing travel photos and more!

We may have started out as a gaming server, but you wont find a family like GPAD anywhere.

Keeping the Show Running

The crew wouldn't be the same without the members that help keep the wheels turning.

Veteran Crew

Veterans have demonstrated their knowledge of different games and have proven that they are willing to help the crew in any way possible. They monitor chats, assist new members, answer questions, and offer advice.

Admissions Team

The first point of contact for prospective members. They handle the process of everyone becoming part of the family.

Black Mamba 4ever (shawnL520)
BDNH85 ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ